What is a Knotweed Survey?

A knotweed survey is a visual inspection of the entire exterior of a property. It includes:

You can use this survey to give to your chosen remediation company and ask them for a detailed management plan including treatment plans, timescales and costs.

When do you need a survey?

A knotweed survey can be useful at any stage, but it is most important when you are remortgaging, selling, developing, building or hard landscaping property.

What makes a survey valuable?

It is important to know the risks from knotweed and how it can affect you. Because the aggressive growth of the plant can cause catastrophic damage to built structures in its path, if it is present on your property it can pose both a legal and financial risk.

If it threatens neighbouring properties you could find yourself legally liable, while its presence on your own property could make it impossible to sell or raise mortgage finance.

Why is an independent survey better?

A recognisable, standardised set of reporting criteria (in line with RICS guidelines) means you can take our report to any reputable knotweed remediation company in the UK and it will give them the information they need to prepare a management strategy.*
*Please note: if construction works are involved, a more detailed survey may be required.

Who uses our survey?

Our survey is aimed predominantly at homeowners. If, however, you have a commercial enquiry (estate agents, solicitors, developers, landlords, local authorities, mortgage brokers, estate managers, facilities managers), please contact us

How much does a survey cost?

Our basic rate is £250 (including VAT for private homeowners) per property. This includes travel time, visit to site and report generation time. Please contact us for a quote if your requirement is more complex, for example larger properties, structural works, commercial buildings and multiple residences.

How long does it take?

As soon as you book online we will contact you within one working day and agree specifications with you.

How long is it valid for?

Our report remains valid for 90 days from the date it is sent to you provided that the infestation remains undisturbed during this time i.e. that no treatment, damage or excavation takes place in or around the infestation.

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