What is National Knotweed Survey?

We are the organisation that wants to help the country get on top of the knotweed problem. We seek to quantify it and effect positive strategies, private and public, for its management.

Japanese knotweed is an invasive species that can have a catastrophic effect on properties. We help property owners, buyers/sellers, solicitors, insurers and mortgage lenders to eliminate or mitigate those risks by carrying out a full site assessment. We advise on any potential infestations, recommending a course of action and a professional service company to carry out the work.

Why does NKS specialise in knotweed survey work?

We are bringing a standardised survey to a currently unregulated sector. For many years customers have had to pay out for several surveys in order to get competitive quotes for knotweed management - paying for duplication and varying quality of information.

We have introduced a definitive survey against which reputable knotweed remediation contractors agree to quote, meaning that customers only need to get one survey in order to begin their remediation strategy.

Our background

We have brought together a team of technical and scientific experts, combining property and invasive species experience with management and reporting systems and technology. This allows us to bring our expertise to you in the most efficient, robust, dependable way possible.

Senior Team

Will Sillar – Managing Director. Expert in management systems, technology and reporting.

Tim Conniff – Property investment advisor. A lifelong property developer with first hand experience of commercial-scale knotweed management.

Richard Morrison Head of process and technology. Expert in the practical interpretation of data and information.

David Layland – Chief knotweed management expert. 12 years in the knotweed remediation business, pioneering new methods of treatment. He sits on the board of INNSA and part of the Amenity Forum.

Richard Podmore Head of operations. Has led knotweed management operations on some of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe.

Locations and Coverage

We deliver services across the entire UK.

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